Winter Weddings

The winter season is a beautiful time of year for a wedding and people are in the mood to celebrate.

We love winter weddings because they intimate and cozy. Winter weddings bring up visions of fireplaces, bellies filled with rich food and booze, and everyone cuddled up against the elements. Winter weddings do pose some significant challenges, especially for photography. These include being in the cold, short days, and photography locations. We have some great winter wedding tips for you, from the large stuff, like choosing a venue; and to the small stuff, like how to keep warm.

For winter weddings you should put your money into four important things. The venue, photography, warm clothing and transportation. Even better if you can find a venue that doesn’t require any transportation.

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  1. Choosing a great venue. 
    A great winter wedding venue is essential. You don’t want guests to be cold and uncomfortable. You want a venue that feels intimate and warm. A venue that knows what to do with all those coats. Not to mention one that has some great indoor photography spaces, and is close to some great outdoor spaces is ideal. Lastly, having great food and booze at a wedding is important, but very important during the season when people are eating for entertainment. Luckily we have a list of the Best Calgary Winter Wedding Venues. So after this post check it out!
  2. Choose a great photographer.
    This one is ESSENTIAL. Photographing a wedding in the winter is significantly more challenging. You want a team that will provide you with a lot of variety in a short amount of time, so having two experienced photographers is a great asset. Having wedding photographers with a lot of experience will help too.Changing those controls when your hands have lost feeling is no joke, and will require muscle memory. Having experienced photographers means that they won’t be thrown working in a heavy snow fall, freezing temperatures, having a shorter amount of time for shooting, or getting people relaxed and comfortable when they are standing in the cold.

    *** When you are looking at photographers, remember to look at the shots they get in the dark. Half your wedding day will be spent in the dark, and you need lighting ninjas. Remember this when you are looking for a great photographer. We suggest you ask to see a full portfolio of a winter wedding.
  3. Embrace the season
    We always suggest that you embrace the season with a winter wedding. We have had brides decorate with paper snowflakes, serve cookies and milk, make eggnog the signature cocktail, wear a gigantic fur coat, wear mitts and moccasins, and a wedding dress with sleeves, or removable ones,  don’t invest in flowers. Think outside the box for your guest’s entertainment when they’re stuck indoors, maybe a magician, mad libs, or a photo booth.
    I would embrace the season and always keep your comfort and your guests’ comfort in mind.
    Calgary winter wedding Bridal Party
    Baker Creek Winter Wedding
  4. Keep Warm
    This is my favourite tip for winter weddings because I am always cold. The biggest mistake we see with winter weddings in Calgary and the Mountains, is when a couple forgets how cold -25c can feel like. This connects with the tip of embracing the season. Wearing a warm coat over your dress will be essential, you can remove it for the photos, but I promise if you have an optional one, you will be very happy (and you can always sell it to the next winter bride).
    For photos, your very experienced photographers should care as much about your experience as they should getting great shots. This is because a happy couple and bridal party will show in the shots. So take breaks to warm up, wear tights under your dress, plan a great indoor space for photos, and dress your bridesmaids in weather appropriate clothing. Kananaskis Delta Wedding
    Candid Winter Wedding First Look
  5. Transportation
    Make sure you schedule more time for transportation, due to road conditions, and hire a limo company with a stellar reputation for weddings. We have seen a lot of limos that can’t stay warm. Lastly, my recommendation would be choosing a venue that requires zero transportation for you and your guests.
    Happy Winter Wedding Planning!
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