We love the good stuff in life; family, friends, snuggling, coffee, great food, books, kitties, live music, skiing, art... Most of all, we are just grateful that we get to spend this life together.

We are made for each other like two puzzle pieces from the same puzzle, but different enough that they fit perfectly together (most of the time;).

She’s loud, he whispers.

He’s clean, she’s messy.

He remembers some things, she remembers others.

She moves the ship forward, he makes sure it doesn’t fall apart.

She’s funny, he’s kind of funny too.

We are best friends.

Christina & Nathan


Nathan Krentz

Christina Krentz

Heya! I'm Nathan. I started with photography in high-school, but fell in love with it touring the country while working as a musician. I'm passionate about music (I'm a trained former professional musician), skiing, cycling, swimming and playing goalie (love making those highlight reel glove saves). If I keep up with all this activity, sometimes Christina will give me a bite of her cake.

Hi! I'm Christina. I have the gift of the gab and great intuition. I am full of energy and it's nearly impossible to offend me. I constantly make jokes, and Nathan loves it... most of the time. In addition to photography, I love the library, painting, and hammocks (but in a super excited way). I also love desserts, and I would cut you if you stole my gluten free chocolate cake. I'm severely allergic to gluten, so you may notice that I have some entitlement issues when it comes to GF desserts. Yay!