Through the magic of the internet and a little bit of luck Christina & Nathan fell in love; and with some hard work and a whole lot of soul mate magic, they stayed in love. These two are made for each other, they are like two puzzle pieces from the same puzzle, but different enough that they fit perfectly together.

She’s loud, he whispers.

He’s clean, she’s messy.

He remembers some things, she remembers others.

She moves the ship forward, he makes sure it doesn’t fall apart.

When she paints, he skis.

When she cuddles her nieces, he plays goalie.

They both don’t take themselves too seriously.

She’s funny, he’s kind of funny too.

She manages the websites, and he never reads them.

He is the luckiest man alive, yup.

They are best friends.

Christina and Nathan have been photographing weddings for nearly a decade. Although the two started life on different paths. Christina has a degree in psychology and Nathan has two music degrees.

About us, at work…

We have a photojournalistic, candid approach to every wedding. This means real moments, real connections, real laughs, real tears, real people. No stiff awkward posing.

We also photograph each wedding with variety in mind. So on top of the photojournalistic and candid photos, you have creative, romantic, fun, and some traditional shots. We use a wide variety of tools to create a portfolio overflowing with great photography of your wedding and engagement.

People. People. People.
Above all else we love people and love telling stories. We believe that the people at your wedding are more important than the chair covers and the bouquets. We take photos of the details, but we focus on the people. The fleeting moments, the emotion, the love and joy with your family and friends, that’s what we love.

Your experience matters. We treat our clients like family, this is how we have always done it. We can hold a camera right in front of your face and get you laughing. We can get everyone at ease and capture true personalities.

We take quality and the artistry of wedding photography seriously. We are not only photographers, we are artists. This is also what sets our photographs apart. Part of that is doing all of our editing in house. We shoot the photos and then we edit them. This is also rare in an industry that has adopted outsourcing photos. Outsourcing is good for business and making money, but bad for clients, so we don’t do it!

And our level of experience is the last and most important piece of the puzzle. We have photographed 250 weddings in Calgary and beyond and have been working nearly a decade. We draw on this experience to consistently create amazing wedding photography for every single client! Yay!

In the end this is about you. We want to have fun with you, make amazing art with you, and celebrate. Contact us today for more information or to set up a meeting.

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