This beautiful family had the most cozy, emotional, incredible wedding at The Lake House. Winter weddings are perfect for this venue, check out our blog, filled with winter wedding ideas in Calgary, especially if you are planning a winter wedding.
We met these guys a while back and it was almost impossible to avoid falling in love with their little Brady. He might be one of the cutest kids I have every encountered, and we have been photographing families in Calgary for a decade.

During the wedding Brady would grab the mic and it sounded like this “blah, blah, blah, blub, bla, bo, I love you”. It was amazing!

These two are surrounded by so many loving people. It filled my heart all day. When you see such supportive and loving family and friends you know a marriage is starting with the perfect foundation. Not to mention that Kayley and Cale are clearly loving soulmates!!!

We had a blast, and the day just felt like we were hanging with friends. The weather was warm, the company was great, it was an easy home run!!! It didn’t hurt that Kayley and Cale were so incredible kind and supportive of us for the whole process. Thank you so so so much. You two are such a loving couple, and I am so happy that you had Brady first so he could be part of this day. He made everyone laugh, and made the wedding even more special.

Ok, that’s enough of my rant!
P.S) Don’t miss the hungover fella in the group, ha ha ha ha!