Engagement Session Questions and Tips

Engagement sessions are a great way to have some practice being professionally photographed before your wedding. This isn’t the only reason we suggest having engagement photography. Another reason is that it is nice to have more casual photos of you and your love, for decor at your wedding, or more importantly in your home.

Engagement photography is a good idea because it gives us a chance to get to know each other.  It also builds trust, and gives you a chance to see what you like and what you don’t.

As Calgary engagement photographers, we photograph your session with a lot of variety. We use a mixture of lenses, techniques, and feeling. We do this so you can see all the possibilities for the wedding day.

Many of our clients wonder how they can get the best engagement session photos, so here are our top tips!

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  1. When should we get our photos done?

    We are happy to shoot in any season, but we do suggest having the photos taken in the early evening. It is the best light for spring, summer and fall. Editing the photos can take 3+ weeks, so it is important to consider that when planning your photos, if you need them for the wedding decor, or a website, etc.

  2. What location should we use?

    Talk to your photographer about locations. We have been photographing Calgary, Canmore, and Banff for over a decade. This is the experience we want to share with you. Some locations look better at different times of the year, or we can just give you several options to start the wheels turning.

  3. Should I get hair and makeup?

    Many of our clients get profession hair and make up for the session, but this isn’t always needed. Your photos will be fully beauty edited, so some people prefer a more natural look. If you want hair and make up, we suggest doing your make up trial on the same day if possible.

  4.  How can we prepare?

    Just relax and be yourself. Our goal is to get you relaxed and having fun. This is part of why you hire a top level professional, all you have to do is show up!

  5. What should you wear at your engagement session?

    This is the most common question. This depends on who you are and how casual you want your photos. I suggest checking out our Engagement photos, and pay attention to the outfits. Do you like it when people dress up or dress down. Do you like colourful or neutral outfits. You can also lay your outfits out together to see if they are complimentary. We also have some additional tips that include: wearing footwear to match the clothes, wearing dark colours can be slimming, and packing heels in a bag and changing footwear if we are walking far.

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