What's your style?


We take photos that feel natural, and are filled with emotion. We capture moments that only photo-ninjas can. And, in the end the whole process will feel fun and easy! These are the photographs that tell a story, or capture the personalities of you and all your loved ones. We also LOVE variety! We like to use a mixture of different tools and perspectives. Everything from those WOW creative shots, to more classic photos.

Do you shoot with two photographers?


We always recommend having two photographers for your wedding. Think of it as a built-in back up. With two photographers, you get double the shots, double the artistic vision and angles, and you don't have one person running around trying to get from one side of the room to the other. It's like an insurance policy so those really special moments are not missed.

Do you work as full time photographers?


We both work full-time as photographers, so we will be fresh and ready for your wedding. We live and breathe photography, and our business. Every. Single. Day. We are completely devoted to our craft and to our clients. Your happiness means everything to us. That includes your general happiness, and also the happiness you feel when looking at your photos! ;)

Do you travel for weddings?


Absolutely, we have travelled the world for wedding commissions. We prefer to work domestically, and when we do shoot outside of Calgary, it's most often in Banff, Canmore, Edmonton, Lethbridge, B.C and Saskatchewan. Nominal travel fees do apply. We'll provide you with a custom quote for that.

How many images do you get?


You will receive 750+ photos in the final portfolio for full day coverage. Of course, results may vary depending on factors like your wedding day schedule, weather, travel time, etc. Many photographers outsource their editing. We don't do that. We meticulously edit every single image that you receive. and we also have no limit on the number of photographs that we deliver, so you will get every great shot that we capture.

What kind of editing do you do?


It's a very common practice for photographers to outsource the editing of their final portfolios. We believe that's not in the best interest of our clients, and our editing is an essential part of the service and art we provide. We keep our edits natural looking (we're not really into composite or heavily edited photographs). We'll edit out blemishes and that sort of thing... and will also take out a giant hickey on your forehead for all 750+ photos, if needed*.

*True story! Ha ha!