Steve and Camielle are something special. They are some of the most genuine people you could ever meet. And, Camielle is insanely strong. She lifted Steve (I think he’s 6’5″) on her back during our engagement session, demonstrating this herculean fortitude. Her bridesmaids were just as beautiful and just as strong — all, (including Camielle) are hockey players. Beautiful girls that can take you into the boards and dig the puck out of the corners! Wow! But, I digress…

Kindness doesn’t describe it. These two are such great people, and everyone can sense that. The speeches at their wedding made that much abundantly clear, and when Camielle’s mother gave her speech, I had full-on tears to hide behind the camera as she shared with the crowd the memories she had mothering Camielle as a young girl; something that felt so universal for all parents (including myself)… it brought half of the room to tears. This, is beauty! The groom’s, and Wade’s (Steve’s twin brother, and best man) speech was equally as touching, and had the entire room in tears of hilarity. I doubt I will ever forget the speeches and the moments at this wedding without having a greater appreciation of how truly beautiful people can be.

Thank you guys. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get to know you!!!!!


Christina & Nathan,
How can we ever thank you, these pictures are stunning! The moments you captured are priceless and on top of it all your both the nicest people. We look forward to catching up with you guys and seeing the rest of them!
Camielle & Steve

Yay! I am so happy you love them!!! See you guys soon:)