Chelsea & Adam: Lake Bonavista wedding

Chelsea and Adam had a very rainy wedding and it didn’t dampen a single thing on the wedding day! These two are such a loving couple and devoted puppy parents; they were surrounded by an amazing, boisterous, basketball loving group of friends, and amazing families. This day is also the very same day the Raptors earned a spot in the finals, and it took me about an hour to figure out why people kept secretly watching their phones. We captured the moment of that win with a single devoted fan running around the parking lot celebrating two historical moments (the wedding and the game)!!!

Chelsea and Adam had their engagement photos all over their home and we just love seeing how much they love photography! We are so honoured to have been there with them, and can see how they are truly great humans. The wedding showed how many incredible connections they have made in their life, and now with each other. These two are also the most organized soulmates I have ever seen!!! Ha ha! Thank you both, and, congratulations!