Ok, no one knows this except the Butterwicks, Nathan, and myself (and maybe our son who hears us go on and on about our love for these guys)… but barely bupkiss beats a Butterwick wedding! And yes, sitting for hours and hours on the computer during wedding season leads to lame hobbies like inventing tongue twisters about my favourite people!

We met Alyssa and Danny at Britt and Brett’s wedding… Danny is Brett’s brother, and of course, when they contacted us we jumped up and down because barely bupkiss beats a Butterwick wedding! ha ha ha! Seriously! The Butterwicks and the people they marry are simply good people: fun loving, easy going, and GREAT dancers.

Thank you a thousand times over for having us there. Both families gave us great hospitality, and we are so thankful for everything, from you both and your families and friends!!! Of course taking photos of you guys was about the easiest thing ever! And we are the luckiest photographers in the whole world!!!!

It is rare we put a family formal shot on the blog… but this may be the cutest little family ever!

One more of the boys… just because I love it:) ha ha

And here is my favourite shot of the whole day!

At this point in Confederation we were all dying from the heat and went to get slurpees. We stopped for a few more shots in the t-bird:)