Adele & Brendan: Intimate Backyard Wedding

Sometimes you photograph an intimate backyard wedding, and when you look back, you think, “Did they have too much fun?”

Just kidding! But seriously, Adele & Brendan laughed for the entire wedding, and I kind of wonder how as people they are not more tired in life from all that laughing. Adele and Brendan are not only longtime supporters, but they are also our friends. This was the third Lafond wedding with the three most beautiful and unique sisters, who happened to all marry really funny, charming, and amazing men.

Adele is the most lovely soul, she wiggles a lot — more than you would think an adult should wiggle. She frequently breaks out in dance, or collapses over when she sees that you’ve entered a room. General happiness radiates from her all the time. She is the giggliest of all the sisters and sees the positive in everyone around her. We met when she called us nearly six years ago and asked for some advice abut becoming a photographer. I could tell just by talking to her that she would be a natural–I didn’t even have to see her photos–I could tell by the way she could connect to people. She is smart as a whip, beautiful, loving, creative, an artist, and it took Brendan like a million years to propose. Ha ha ha! Just kidding, Brendan!

Brendan is also a photographer and is possibly one of my favourite humans. He doesn’t even know this, and is reading this for the first time. The thing about him is that we once tag teamed an opponent (during a particularly competitive game of Ticket to Ride) and together, savagely sabotaged the would be winner. It was glorious. He does not take himself seriously (although very competitive with games, obviously), he is funny… ALL OF THE TIME! And he wears his passion on his sleeve. Love it! This passionate, super-smart, funny, amazing friend and artist met his perfect soulmate. Yay!

We fell even more in love with these two on the wedding day. We also felt so incredibly grateful, that once again, we were included into the fold with the whole gang, and now also Brendan’s family. Their intimate backyard wedding in beautiful (and cold) spring Calgary was a truly special day.

Thank you again, Adele and Brendan, Tyler and Jannel, Leslie and (my sarcastic-joke-making-partner-in-crime) Jesse!!! We truly have loved the journey with you all:)

Groom prepares for his intimate backyard wedding in Calgary

Bride gets ready for her intimate backyard wedding in Calgary photographed by christina (plus) nathan photography Adele and Brendan share their first kiss at their Calgary intimate backyard wedding

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