We shot this wedding back in late November at Hotel Arts (one of favorite venues in Calgary), and it was one of the most emotionally charged, candid weddings ever! Working with Aubri and Shaun was like working with friends — We immediately clicked from day one, and completely fell in love with them. Working with people like this is so easy and so much fun that it is criminal we get to do it for our every day full-time jobs. Yay!

Aubri is also a photographer and getting amazing photos of their wedding was a major priority for them. We are lucky that we got to be with them for the whole day!!!! Aubri is fun, sassy, and sweet … and Shaun is laid back, a total chatterbox, spoils his lady, and makes her happy. I like that in a man. They had everyone in tears with their personal vows and when you are near them they feel like they are made for each other. Yay!

I can not thank you guys enough, thank you for making it so easy on us, for making us laugh, for not getting a sunburn in November, and tolerating the fire crotch incident;) Ha ha ha.



<3<3<3 love all of these photos! thank you so much for being a part of our wedding! we loved working with you and nathan and just love the both of you! these are the most amazing pictures of us EVER! <3<3<3