This wedding ceremony took place at the Sikh Society of Calgary, and reception in the lobby of the Sunlife Plaza catered by the Royal India restaurant.

When we first met Rhonda (sans Pardeep), we liked her immediately: she was awesome… but we didn’t really get how awesome until the wedding day. This was one day where we fell more and more in love with these guys as the day went on.

It was a long day — Nathan and I left the wedding with so much energy and our hearts were full. We were surrounded by amazing, generous and warm people, and we are so grateful to have been a part of their day.

The day didn’t go entirely as planned, but that just meant that they had time for a midday nap. In the end, we could probably have enough for five blog posts with the number of beautiful photos… mostly because we were surrounded by beautiful people.

Thank you so much Rhonda & Pardeep, and to your family and friends! Yay!