I am so happy to sit back and do this post. This is a very special wedding for us, for a couple reasons…

First, we loved Caitlin and Scott from our first meeting, we just hit it off. All four of us wanted the same thing… amazing art from the wedding and to have FUN! Yeeehaw! Secondly, Nathan (in a former incarnation) used to be a professional classical musician. And he recognized Caitlin’s last name from her first email. He asked if she had any relation to a world-renowned bass player that he had studied with (who also happens to be one of the best, if not the best, classical double-bassist in the world). Turns out, she was–it was her dad! It was a privilege and an honour for Nathan to give back to his former teacher in the form of kick-ass photography of his daughter’s wedding.

As time went on, we got to know Caitlin and Scott more, and we never stopped laughing, and admiring the sheer preparedness they would have on photo shoots. One sign that this would be an amazing wedding. It did not disappoint, and gave me some major wedding envy. Ha ha ha!

Good food? No, great food! Good music? Nope, great music! They had an amazing band flown in from Toronto (Soul Stew), and I honestly have never seen a dance floor so happy!!! Great family, great friends, AMAZING candy table, cocktails, games, dancing, you name it… We are lucky to have been there. We are lucky to have two new friends, and that these two just let us play as artists. We hope you love them and will see you guys soon!!!

Can a photo be an inside joke? Yes, yes it can; and if these girls remember the ‘proper’ way to hold a bouquet… any ways the photos will tell it all when Caitlin gets her package 🙂

And maybe my favourite wedding game of all time: the crowd was given multiple choice questions about the bride and groom, and they had to text answers to the questions to the emcee’s phone!

Here is some spinning poi… go ahead and google that, because I had to… ha ha!

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Fantastic job guys, can’t wait to sit down with Scott and Caitlin to see the other photos!!

Your pictures are truly amazing, alive, inspired! You are great artists! Bravi!!!