Randi and Aaron had a beautiful wedding day in Calgary at the Delta downtown. Yay!

We loved this wedding because it was so emotional. Randi especially, she is always laughing, unless she was crying:) Her Dad came up to me at one point and asked if I wanted to see Randi cry … ummm, yes. Crying, laughing … all these things make our job of capturing memories super easy:) And he was right. Aaron gave Randi roses and a sweet message before the wedding and Randi cried.

I love that authenticity in people — when you can see how much this day means. Aaron is a man’s man, so I will not say if he cried or not;)

Aaron and Randi are authentic, genuine, and loving people. You can tell they have fun together, accept each other, and belong with each other. Thank you guys so much for having us there to see you celebrate the commitment you are making to each other. This is the next chapter, and we are so honored to capture the memories and story of the day.

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