This is the first wedding of 2013. A new year — and Yo yo ma, this was a great wedding. The photos are truly as unique as this couple.

There is nothing like the feeling of being welcomed into a wedding with big open arms from everyone. So thank you!!!! It’s not surprising that Cam and Nicole are surrounded by such a great group of friends and loving families. They are super duper down-to-earth, fun loving people; not taking themselves too seriously is almost like a super power for them.
I like when two people find their ‘fun match’, when quirky aligns; and you can see the future adventures will be filled with hilarity. Nicole is this strong, beautiful, fun, sweet woman; and Cam can hit a volleyball like a bat out of hell — which is the only metaphor I could come up with because I’m 4’10 and know NOTHING about volleyball, ha ha! I can almost literately walk under a volleyball net without bending over. Aside from the volleyball, Cam is so easygoing!!! And you can see how much he adores Nicole every time he looks at her.

Thank you guys! Thank you for putting your trust in us!!!!!

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