We were really excited to work Sydney & Matt’s Royal Glenora Club Edmonton wedding. It was such an honour and privilege to capture this wedding, and, as always, we love working in Edmonton. It’s great to get out and shoot somewhere fresh now and again.

Sydney and Matt are a really special couple. First, I have to say that Matt is his mother’s son — the resemblance, the commitment to laughing, and having fun was such a pleasure to witness all day long. He also may be the cutest baby I have ever seen in a wedding day slideshow. Matt and Sydney are surrounded by love and fun. You can see it in all the big laughs all day long, and all the friends they have collected over years and years. These are two people who you can tell are cut form the same cloth. They are made for one another. We are so happy to see them together because they radiate love and kindness.

My favourite part of the job is seeing people find each other. It’s crazy to think how lucky you are to find your one person in the giant haystack of life. With weddings like this, it’s more than that, you also get to see the amazing families behind the couple — the generations of love and kindness. It makes me so happy to see this kind of family  growing into the future.

Thank you Sydney, Matt, and your amazing family and friends. I felt so included by your wedding party for the day, and I know Nathan did as well. We also feel so lucky that you allowed us to take a few minutes to have our caricature drawn during the reception, we are framing it for our office:) Yay!



Bride gets ready for her Royal Glenora Club Edmonton wedding photographed by christina (plus) nathan photography

Groom gets ready for his Royal Glenora Club Edmonton wedding photographed by christina (plus) nathan photography