Michelle and Jonathan had a very beautiful and emotional spring wedding at The Lake House. With tears of joy, high fives, belly laughs and spontaneous dance parties. They have an amazing group of loving people in their lives.

When we met them we noticed that they had this perfect balance, Michelle is so chill and soaks it all in, and Jonathan is bold, talkative and is always trying to connect people. Together they compliment each other, they are both so considerate and thoughtful, kind, fun, and share a love for their beautiful fur baby. They are the perfect match.

We started the day all together at their house and after some photos in Fish Creek park, the ceremony and reception was held at the amazing Lake House restaurant. Again, it is no mystery that we are fervent supporters and promoters of this venue. Seriously, one of the best restaurant wedding venues in Calgary. The staff is second to none. The room and food is second to none.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed us in on the wedding day.

Thank you to Michelle and Jonathan. We had such a great time at the wedding, learning more about you, your beautiful lives, families, friends and love. You make amazing parents to Yoshi and you are two lovely humans!

Bride gets ready for her spring Lake House wedding

Wedding photo in Fish Creek Park photographed by christina (plus) nathan

Wedding party games at The Lake House Restaurant

Bride and groom first dance at The Lake House restaurant

Bride and groom walk under sparklers at The Lake House restaurant in Calgary, AB