Calgary River Park Photography

This beautiful couple (inside and out) had us back for a ‘just because’ session. Just because they are in love and married and why the hell not! We love these two and spending our time with them is why we chose a career in photography. They are amazing humans and natural born models.And listen up men — if you want to keep a happy wife, once in while celebrate your love with photos; this is one of many secrets to a happy marriage.

Early winter or late fall is one of my favorite times of the year for photos. Most people want the pretty fall leaves, and that’s great too — but I LOVE the warm browns and simple backgrounds of late fall.  We photographed this session in River Park, and another benefit of the time of year was that the park was nearly empty.

Thank you both for having us, and we LOVED seeing you again!!!!


Calgary sunset photography

Photography with a couple

Riverpark Calgary Photograhy

Couples photography session

Calgary photography in River Park

Photographer in Calgary Fall

photography in late fall

Couples photograhy chucks

Session of photogaphy

River Park couples photography

Calgary Couples Photographer