Hey, ok, 2 posts in one day….

Here is another engagement session with an amazing couple. We are shooting their weekend wedding up at Baker’s Creek. We are really excited to spend the time with them and capture the day. Liz is a long time fan of our work. We photographed two friends in 2008 and 2009. She has been watching us grow and booked us over the phone. These two were engaged on a bridge, and she loved Lady and the Tramp as a little girl, beginning to dream up love and romance. You will see in a second why I mention that, ha ha ha

Liz and Ben, we are looking forward to the weekend in January!

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The heart is called a yarn bombing. I spotted it and waited for the perfect session. We woke up to an interview on the CBC a couple days after the photography session to learn all about yarn bombings… they all seem sweet to me.
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We have more engagement photos on our main photography site: Calgary wedding photography