We had an amazing time with Kathleen & Dan, hanging out on a warm summer evening for some Kananaskis engagement photography at Camp Chief Hector. They met there as volunteers, ten years ago. I just love it when people get to spend their whole lives and whole history together. I met Nathan a little later in life than I would have preferred, and I just wish I could have experienced every bad goatee in person.

Kathleen and Dan are perfect because they are filled with humour and fun–but also so much respect, kindness and love. I honestly thought they were both older because they seem like old souls. We LOVE photographing these guys because they just have a great time and it really doesn’t feel like a photoshoot.

Thank you both for such a great time and your patience in getting the timing right (for each other) and for this photoshoot, ha ha! We can’t wait to spend the wedding with you capturing the beautiful day you become husband and wife.



Engagement portrait in Kananaskis Country by christina (plus) nathan photography

Couple walks in front of a mountain backdrop

Couple s


This last shot here… this is where they had a second chance at their first dance. 10 years ago, as teenagers, they volunteered at Camp Chief Hector, and during an event they missed the chance to dance. So we did a lot of dancing during the engagement session, just to make up for lost time. But, in the end, let’s all be happy that they waited so the timing was right, and now they get to be together forever!!! Yay!