We are happy, happy, happy* to say that Weddingbells magazine selected two weddings to publish from our 2012 season. Yay!

I can honestly say I remember when I first started this business YEARS ago, before I even knew Nathan (tmwmmhsab**) and being published in Weddingbells was a dream. To be honest I had no idea how it even happened, nor did we ever actively attempt to get published (mostly because we are busy, busy, busy, year round now, thanks to our amazing clients and supporters!). When they contacted us in June I sent two weddings we shot just a couple weeks before and both were selected.

We have always believed that good things will happen if you just try every single day, every single shoot, to be better than the last, to make jaw dropping, tear jerking, story telling images for every single client.

So, I am considering this an act of Karma — mystery solved.

Thank you Weddingbells, and especially thank you to these two beautiful couples. Both have a really special place in our hearts and we were overjoyed when you were selected!!!!

* If you can figure out the reference without google, then you are probably watching too much T.V;)
** The man who makes my heart skip a beat