Woot Woot!

I love this wedding!!! Looking back at the photos, I really can’t help but seeing that every wedding is so unique — we really are never trying to make every wedding look the same, or feel the same. This wedding feels happy, and with a smiling, laughing, hilarious bride… how can it not feel happy? And a FANTASTIC magic / card loving groom, bridal party, and parents!!!!

We had some great great laughs, Filipino dancing, the best kids ever; and spent some time with the bridal party at the junior high at which these two love birds met…. Yay! I loved being present and seeing the love, the family, the whole story unfold. I hope you enjoy this guys!!!!

Jade and Chris had some seriously talented traditional Filipino dancers, and it left the crowd speechless!!!

Check out the little guy below: he shows off some of his awesome dance moves… then he goes in for the slow jam! Ha ha!