I remember when Tamara and Kris had their first date… I have known and adored Tamara’s family (who I lovingly call the Brunty Bunch, which makes sense if you know them) for a long time. At the wedding we decided it was maybe 13 years ago I met Quita, Tamara’s sister. Their other sister Candace encouraged my little photography hobby, who knew:)

Kris and Tamara had their first date 4 years ago. I remember when she told me that she was going on a date with a farmer, yay! They now have an organic farm together outside of the city. This was a truly unique wedding, and we were so blessed to be in attendance. Love, community, laughter and about a thousand hugs. I loved looking at the pictures and seeing one great hug after another. It was a small celebration, and I feel doubly lucky that we were able to capture these memories and that I was able to see the moment and share some laughs with the cougar poses!

Calgary photographers in Carsland
Wedding photographers in Calgary
Here are the owners of Radio Cafe, also the Polyjesters — a great local band!
They had an amazing ceremony they created themselves. This was one part where they planted apple seeds:)

Photography in Alberta

March wedding photography


Classic Brunty Bunch!

As local organic farmers, food was one of the most important parts of their day. The menu was local and featured food from their farm “Blue Mountain Bio-dynamic Farms”. They also had bread that is seriously to die for, seriously!!!! It is from Sidewalk Citizen in Calgary. The cake above was made by Tamara’s mom Carol. This was the best cake I have ever eaten at a wedding. I want it every single day.

My fave pic of the whole day…

Thank you guys, it was so special for us to be present on this first day of this next amazing chapter, as you now spend your lives together!!!! I heart you guy!!!


Thanks Stacy!

nice photography….. good to see!!