Having your wedding at a restaurant is a genius idea for smaller, more intimate weddings. You have to be flexible because restaurants are not typically set up for wedding venues. Some guests might not be able to see speeches perfectly, or you may have to be creative with your set up. But it is amazing for so many reasons we cover in the pros below. First, here is the list:

Jewish Wedding Lake House
Jewish Wedding at the Lake House

Restaurant wedding photography pros

  • The decor is already done for you
  • Creative looking spaces and great atmosphere
  • Great food
  • Great drinks

Hotel wedding photography cons

  • Lighting can be a challenge – get a photographer with mad lighting chops
  • Layouts can be awkward, you need to be flexible
  • Some venues have less experience hosting weddings
  • Cocktails can be pricey

Our gold star list

  • The Lake House – an easy number one!
  • Q Haute – I say this even though I can’t get an email back from them
  • Bowvalley Ranche
  • Alloy
  • River Cafe
  • Bonterra – it kills me to recommend this one because the events girl was beyond rude to me, I mean shockingly rude. But she was nice to the couple and the patio is great

Check out some Calgary wedding photography of these beautiful Restaurants:

Katia & Ashish at The Bow Valley Ranche

Rochelle & Graham at Alloy

Chris & Cynthia at Ox and Angela

Bridget & Travis at The Lake House