This Calgary intimate wedding was a beautiful backyard wedding, filled with everything that matters: close family, great food, beautiful vows, hilarious kids, and… Odin! (who loves being in on the action. Seriously, dude is always stealing the show.)

It was such an lovely wedding day and we loved capturing these two. Their intimate ceremony was in Leah’s parents’ backyard. We spent some time before the ceremony and afterwards we took off to Fishcreek part for some photos. And luckily, the rain held off for the ceremony.

We got out to start our portrait session, and from the top of the valley, we watched a big old thunderstorm storm blow in. All good though, we weathered it in a sweet Fish Creek teepee. When the rain let up, we got back out and had great relaxed shoot in the Fish Creek valley. We pretty much had the place to ourselves–always good for an unhurried session.

Leah and Anthony like to keep it chill. Oh yeah, and they love their good boy, Odin. Congratulations you two, we’re really happy for you!

Odin the dog at a Calgary backyard wedding shot by christina (plus) nathan

Photograph of naked wedding cake in Calgary

Black and White Photography of Bride and groom sneaking a kiss before wedding

Grandma is excited about backyard wedding in Calgary

Pit bull with a bowtie at wedding in Calgary backyard

Bride before wedding with dog in flower crown

Put bull Dog playing in backyard before wedding ceremony starts

Pit bull kisses baby before backyard wedding ceremony

Bride reading homemade wedding card from her nephew

Photograph of bride looking in mirror before wedding starts

Photography of Bride hugging grandma before wedding

Calgary wedding officiant in backyard wedding

Bride and father coming down isle before wedding ceremony

Bride seeing groom at wedding ceremony in Calgary

Bride during ceremony in Calgary backyard wedding

Dog sleeping during wedding ceremony in Calgary Backyard

Photograph of mother of the bride getting emotional during wedding ceremony

Bride cries at Calgary backyard wedding ceremony photographed by Calgary wedding photographers christina (plus) nathan

Bride and groom exchange rings in a backyard wedding ceremony

Intimate moment between bride and groom during summer wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom celebrate after they become husband and wife photographed by Christina plus Nathan

Family celebrates after the wedding ceremony completes

Artistic photograph of bride and groom hugging after wedding ceremony

Black and White photography of sharing a hug the moment bride and groom are married

Candid Photography of Bride crying after wedding ceremony

Candid moment with bride and flower girl after the wedding ceremony

Wedding photograph of bride and groom with white pit bull dog after wedding ceremony

Bride with unique pink wedding dress in Calgary

Vintage looking pink wedding dress overlooking Fishcreek Park in Calgary

Black and White photography of Bride and Groom happily walking

Unique wedding photography location with a teepee and pink wedding dress

Pink Wedding dress with a pink flower crown in Calgary wedding

Creative wedding photography portrait inside a teepee

Laughing natural moment with bride and groom at Calgary wedding

Wedding photography with a pink dress in Fishcreek Provincial park

Smoke bombs at a Calgary wedding in the park

Purple and orange smoke bombs at wedding in Calgary, Alberta

Bride and Groom with smoke bombs during wedding photography portrait session

Bride with a pink wedding dress with pockets

Blue smoke bombs at wedding in Calgary

Fishcreek wedding photography

Bride and groom wear matching vans shoes at Calgary wedding

Mother of the bride is serving Naked cake that is homemade for the wedding

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