Ok, one of our fave stories of the year is becoming Caitlin and Scott’s wedding photogs. Nathan knows Caitlin’s dad (who is one of the top classical double-bass players in the world, and was one of Nathan’s teachers back once upon a time). When Nathan saw the last name in Caitlin’s first email he made me ask if they were related, and they were, taa daaa. Life is always fun when the world feels small, we feel connected, and there is maybe a bit of fate in the air. Yay!

Coincidences are cool! But after meeting Caitlin and Scott, we were even more stoked to work with them. They want art, non-traditional, super awesome and inspired art. They also really love photography and each other!!! They also prepared for this shoot more than anyone we have ever shot. Thank you guys for taking the time–we can’t wait to brainstorm for the wedding, and spend the day with you as you become a Mr. and Mrs. You made it so easy, and we want more free hugs!

There were so many photos, it was really hard for me to narrow it down!!!

PS, happy holidays, Yay!!!

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