We met Stacey and Dusty for the first time at their engagement session… always a little like a first date. We actually knew very little about them except they had a horse, a dog and wanted the whole family in the shots.

Stacey asked me if I would take pictures with the horses, and of course — we will seriously take pictures of anything, and anywhere! But, truth be told I happily live in the concrete jungle, and love our condo because there is not even a spider to be found. Although we are soon moving to the spider infested Lake Bonavista… but that is another story. I have never even touched a horse, at least not that I can remember. So I had to run by the check list of all the things I have learned on T.V — number one, do not stand behind a horse…. and that really is all the horse knowledge I have. We had a blast working with them all, the whole family!!! Thank you guys for giving us this opportunity!!!

Stacey and Dusty are the real deal, these are not the once a week cowboy boots you wear at stampede folks! And I’ll tell you straight up they were tougher than most — they stared straight into the sun, captured frogs with their bare hands, rode horses, and even braved a garbage fire. All for a good photo! But aside from all these things that left me very impressed — Dusty looks at Stacey with love every single second. And he rocked the shoot, like a man who loves a woman and gets his photos taken, special, for her. I love that in a man!!!! Thank you guys!!! We can not wait for your wedding next year:)

As the puppy plays above, Stacey is busy catching frogs here…. ha ha ha