First I have to say I had complete venue envy during this wedding. I wish I would have known about it… The Rotary club is really neat… a log cabin… downtown:)

This wedding is a happy place for me, and I will always think back to it when I am asked why I love weddings so much. It was a warm and happy day, surrounded by easy going people, and puppies. Sara loves Micheal. Micheal loves Sara. And everyone loves Dickens… check out Dickens’ cameo appearance in the photobooth.

Sara booked us without even meeting us, and we met on facebook after booking — which is very new age, ha ha. I could tell by her emails that she was great, but meeting Sara and Micheal made us smile, we hit the bride / groom jackpot, fun, sweet, lovely. Also we had a little bit of the first date jitters;). Now a year and half has gone by and the wedding has come and gone — I reflect, as I process the pictures, on how lucky we are to have groups like this. And how lucky we are to make friends like this!!!! I am looking forward to margaritas soon and thank you for letting us take these images of your beautiful day!!!

Sara and Michael had a private moment where they saw each other for the first time on a dock — we took photos before the ceremony.

you could join us on facebook! Yay! The link is to the left:)