Woot woot!
This wedding was a great one! Especially because Mel and Ben can’t stop laughing and having fun. I love fun people — what’s not to love about fun, I’m pretty sure if you hate fun you hate freedom… and puppies. Thank you so much Mel and Ben; and also your amazing wedding party, family and wonderful parents. It was so lovely to part of your day!!!

My favorite of Nathan’s pics… Yay!

You know, like Steve Zissou…

Is Mel playing Ben’s leg like a Gee-tar, yes, yes she is;)

I love this picture, because Mel always has hair in her face (and Ben is always sweeping it away)…

This is all about feeling the music, Yay!

Here is a little photo booth action, Bride and Groom high-five followed by Nathan and me getting our rockstar on…:)

Thank you both, for your wonderful energy and irrepressible laughter… We loved having the honour of spending the day with you, and hearing the greatest love story ever!!!! Yay!