Wow, busy day. We had a great session with a couple today and will post a preview soon. For now, here is Lan and Jordan – a bigger sample. They are getting married at the amazing Gerry Thomas Gallery, and they love doing different and totally unique photos so we decided to shoot an evening session – yay! for us. Thanks guys!!!!

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Love the CD!!! Fancy packaging, so classy 😀 The pictures are awesome, you guys are awesome. Love working with you guys with your photography lingo and your jokes in between. We had such a great time and now we have beautiful images of it. Thanks!

I officially love your evening shoots. I wish we could do glamorous evening baby pictures. These are fantastic! The one of Lan looking back over her shoulder?? Yowza! And I don’t usually use that term.

And where are those cool gates? I love the way you lit them. Also, I think the +15 picture is the best “couple standing straight and looking directly ahead” picture yet. These are so great!!

Love Love Love it!