I remember packing up and walking away from this wedding. After many hugs we left smiling and going over the events of the night, and I said to Nathan, “I’m a little sad”.

This is the third year in a row we have added a Butterwick wedding to our calendar. As our business grew, we watched the Butterwicks grow, and we got to know all the members of the family. It is something we are very, very, very grateful for. And not to forget the Brides’ families, as they too have always welcomed us on the wedding day with open arms.

Before I talk about Julia and Dave, I want to say thank you to all of the Butterwick crew. Thank you for trusting us, for being such great dancers, for being generally hilarious, and thank you for welcoming us time and time again. We can honestly say that next year will not be the same without you!!!

So Julia and Dave… adventurers, dancing machines. They were married at Julia’s parents house, with a reception in downtown Calgary at the Metropolitan centre. It was a mixture of country and city, and all about fun. This wedding had the very best first dance ever, and included a police intervention with some expensive tickets for members of the bridal party — but we won’t bring that up boys;)

Also as a final note to Brett, I’m not sure whose idea it was to start the pants removal in the first place, but pink underwear, really! So predictable:)