Erin and Eric met over 11 years ago. They are such a delightful, sweet couple. And after 11 years they have only multiplied the love they share. They radiate a youthful and passionate love for each other — and at the same time they are so peaceful. I can only hope Nathan and I have this after a decade of love. You can feel the acceptance, love and true friendship between them. Yay!

They were married at the Rimrock hotel. My favourite moment was when Erin and Eric placed letters they had written each other in a wine box and sealed it up with nails. They are to be taken out and read to each other in the future. I heart love letters!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for picking us to capture your wedding! It was beyond an honour to be there and witness your love. We enjoyed every minute and thank you for trusting us and being yourselves!