Normally blog posts don’t take me hours and hours and hours and hours; but I wanted this post to be perfect.

This is the last wedding of 2012. A year I really feel like artistically and professionally we have hit our stride. And this is the best married year Nathan and I have had yet (only the second ear, so I assume it gets better and better). We spent the year with sooooo many wonderful couples and loving families; we laughed and cried, and mostly laughed.

This is the story of Carla and Kevin becoming Mr. & Mrs.

Carla and Kevin met at a wedding, which is the perfect amount of foreshadowing in life. They are so good looking that yes, taking their photo is like taking candy from a couple of stunning babies. They are actually a tiny bit better looking than babies; but it isn’t until you spend time with them that you realize they are so much more beautiful inside, and even more beautiful, kind and loving to each other.
Kindness truly radiates off them — and as a person who frequently puts her foot in her mouth, and beats really bad jokes to death (ummm amazeballs) being surrounded by their energy is a true blessing. I also really feel like it shows in the photos, as we could take risks over and over, like making Carla spin about 50 times to get that perfect shot. Thank you.

They got ready together, and without a traditional bridal party we felt very honoured that we spent so much time on the day all together. Thank you Carla and Kevin for being like a warm ray of sunshine on a cold day. And yes, this wedding was Amazeballs.

We will also be posting photos of the wedding on facebook. If you were at the wedding, in these photos, or you know Kevin and Carla, you can join our facebook group to have access to the photos, or to see more images coming very soon. The link will be at the bottom of the post.

Here is a link to our facebook page🙂


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