Before I say another word I have to make a little confession, I am the world’s worst speller. I hope to be the world’s best photographer one day and then I will pay someone to do all my spell checking for me (because sometimes I can’t even get the computer to make a good guess). Any how, my inability to spell is not indicative of my overall intelligence, or at least I hope.

Ok, let the blogging commence as.

Starting this project has me reflecting on the past couple years. I can’t believe that it was not so long ago I quit my job on a bit of an impulse; as a single mother it was frowned upon by some, and celebrated by others. I will admit I didn’t think about it too much. Sometimes now I get so freaked out that things won’t work out, not that I don’t believe in myself or my art, I just love this job so much I want to keep it forever. It is exactly how the writers of Heros must feel, except I keep making great photography and they keep making really bad TV.

Back then when I should have been afraid, I wasn’t. This is the first thing I say to every person I meet with a dream to be doing anything, a passion, what they love, photography, getting married or whatever the big leap is…Just don’t think about it too much! One day losing it will be scarier than starting it, so just start.