Yay! Our first wedding of 2011.

I heart Liz and Ben! I was so happy when Elizabeth called to book us; she was a a Maid of Honor at one of my first weddings (Tatiana and Ashley, who have grown into wonderful friends). This was long before I had ever met Nathan. This was when I was green, new, and I lived off the trust that clients had for me. Before I had the beefy portfolio — but I guess I had passion! Yay!

As her and Ben’s love grew, Liz watched us grow. I will never stop getting a little teary when I think of people like Liz, believing in us.

This wedding stuck to me. I kept thinking about it for days and days. The honest love these two have for each other. And during her vows Elizabeth said something like, “when I met you, I knew I had to get to know you; and I had to get you to like me”. It was one of the most beautiful vows I have ever heard.

The wedding was off the beaten path, in an untouched wonderland. It was really surreal. You also couldn’t ask for a warmer more friendly group of people!!!

Thank you guys! Thank you for your trust, the awesome accommodations, the delicious food, and just having us capture the beginning of your story together. I wish you love, forever and ever!!!!

I have also been drinking a bit of red wine as I write this, so it may be extra emotional, ha ha ha ha ha


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Here is the Bride’s mom watching from the loft above:)

Here are the groomsmen watching from behind us, so cute!

This is my fave guest at the wedding (sorry other guests:). He is this sweet little guy who followed us around all weekend. He would run into our “serious” family picture moment yelling “YAAAA”. Hilarious. All I want in the whole world is a video of that — future youtube sensation:)

Here is my fave detail. The top pic you can see these cool glasses handed out at the reception. And below is the effect they have — they make all the light shine with hearts, Yay!

And here is my fave moment of the day, and seriously it was almost impossible to pick one, a first dance outside on a frozen pond. The guests lit the romantic scene with sparklers, and one of her maids of honor sang the first song. There were so many amazing shots of this!!!

We had a great time hanging out a bit with Adam the DJ who kept the party going, find him here http://www.Banffentertainment.com/

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth! Excellent!


Congrats for so beauty image 24… and the others too!
marriage magnifies!
Best Regards

These are all gorgeous, but I’m totally in love with the shot of the bride walking up the stairs. The lighting on her veil is incredible – she looks angelic. It makes me want to get married again so that I can have that picture!