This wedding took place at Hotel Arts,  St. Mary’s Cathedral and The Calgary Zoo.

We also went to a new location for some wedding photos — it’s called EV Junction. I can can not thank the vendors enough for their kindness. Que Chivo gifted some  wedding snacks, and the Apple Lady brought over some cherries. It really created a special atmosphere. The Calgary Zoo wedding reception was held at the Conservatory — our favourite spot at the zoo. We grabbed a few photos inside before getting the party started.

When we met Stefanie and Shawn she told us that she was an only child, and was raised by a young single mom. I instantly connected to this because I also had a child young (I was 19), and raised him alone until he was 8 years old when I met and we fell in love with Nathan. I think very few people can truly understand the ups and downs of an experience like this. In the meeting it was clear that Stefanie not only understood, but had a huge sense of gratitude for the sacrifice and who her mom is, as a person and a parent.

Shawn also understood, I could see as she talked about her life — he is so empathetic and truly loves Stefanie. It would be impossible not to love this amazing woman who is spreading hugs like wildfire.

This is the relationship that shows you that sometimes you might be a little drunk when you meet your soul mate; and sometimes you might lean in and call this soul mate a Cutie McAngel Face (I hope I got that right). AND sometimes your soul mate might put up with your adorable and slightly awkward introduction, and go on to fall in love with you.

Shawn and Stefanie are two truly beautiful people, the kind you want to grab a beer with and just talk about life. They are easy going, loyal friends, and have loving families. Thank you so very much for choosing us and completely trusting us all day and night. You are both class acts and we are so happy you found each other!

P.S) I can’t forget to give props to Shawn’s parents who raised a (sounds like) rebellious teenage boy. We are also raising a teen boy right now and lets just say…



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