Terra and Layton had a wedding simply filled with tears of joy (it was my favourite part of the day). You could see and feel the whole room loving them — and you can always see them loving each other. I think Nathan and I waited so long in our lives to find each other, that I am completely moved by two people finding their match. Finding their home. Finding their family. Terra and Layton have found their perfect match.

As people, Terra and Layton are so, so giving. They gave their trust, and friendship to us immediately — you can tell that this is the norm. And I love this about them.

The day was warm and relaxed, and spent with a great group of people. Thank you so much to everyone, and especially Terra and Layton!!!!

We have so many great photos we couldn’t put them all up, but if you know Terra and Layton, or you are in the bridal party you can join our facebook group to see more images coming very soon (you may be in the photos, yay!!!). The link will be at the bottom of the post.

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