This may sound weird, but this wedding is my happy place. I have a few weddings like this — it sums up why I believe in this job, and love it so much. For Tessa and Glen’s wedding, it wasn’t the weather, the location, the details … it was all about the people!!!!

We get to see behind the scenes at weddings, and Tessa and Glen come from these unbelievable families; filled with love, respect, laughter, acceptance, friendliness — seriously, I could on and on. I want to say first to Tessa and Glen’s parents that you have done the most remarkable job creating these fun and loving families! Tessa and Glen are two of the most lovely people I have ever met in my life, so it is not a surprise that they are surrounded by incredible people.

Thank you to everyone! If you want to see your photo booth photos, a link will be posted on our facebook page this weekend, click here to join 🙂 After you see the photos here of course, yay!


Wow!!!! Amazing job- what gorgeous photos!! Tessa and Glen-Scott and I just looked through these and oohed and awwed and laughed our heads off at the photo of Glen wearing pink ear muffs and Glen and Ken laughing their faces off. So many beautiful photos! You guys look so happy smiling from ear to ear in all of the photos 🙂 Tessa, love the ones of you and your mom before the ceremony-so touching. Just loved all of the beautiful photographs!