Diana made me tear up at this wedding with one of the sweetest thank you’s ever from a bride…to be honest, there were a few speeches that had me choking up ( thank goodness I have a big camera to hide behind ).

Photographing the wedding was so much fun. Mike and Diana are so great to hang out with, and we appreciate the trust they had in us! Thank you!!! All of Sept was amazing and it makes me miss weddings already:)

You will notice the tunnel of fashion, the hip happening photobooth with a nerd theme, and also how friken good looking these people are, ridiculous!

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when I look at this pic, I can still hear your geek noises...ha ha ha


Okay, here are my faves:

1) The big arrow pointing to the bride! Awesome. THIS is the important person today, right HERE.
2) The shot of the bride and bridesmaid in the tunnel. Gorgeous!
3) The shot from overhead of the bride and groom walking on the curvy street. It’s beautiful.

Wonderful pictures, as usual!!