Beautiful, gracious, and a DYI queen; we loved having the honour of being Nadia and Yannick’s photographers. The wedding was on a nearly stormy day, but the weather held and lead to some cool blustery skies. This was a tough blog to build and I spent days trying to sort through images because I had so many favourites. I swear, I had to cut out a lot of hilarious kid shots… these kids were a cast of characters!

The most touching moment at a wedding ever was Yannick’s father singing for his speech. I was tearing up as the crowd roared and watching Yannick and his family moved to tears. Family: this wedding was all about family, all about friends, and a celebration of this new chapter.

Thank you both for having us there!!! Woot woot!


I love how you’re able to capture those whimsical, spontaneous shots of children. The kids at this wedding look like they know how to have a good time – I loved all these photos, but especially the ones of kids being their goofy selves! Awesome job, as usual! And I agree with Katie…those shoes rock!

That cake and those cupcakes are from Crave! Yum. Best shoes ever!!! I seriously want those. I think the first shot is my favourite of these. I love flares, but this one is especially good because it shows off how great the bride’s hair looks!