It’s funny how fast time flies when you grow up. I think that at least once-a-day. It is the honest truth that most of the memories I have from my childhood, are from photos. I wonder if in thirty years that these days will be remembered from photos; a curse of a bad longterm memory I guess. That is why I keep bugging Nathan to go out and get some photos taken of us.

Mel and Ben’s shoot was around Christmas…We walked around downtown, got to know each other and took some pictures. I hope that one day they will remember this time through these images. They are so in love; so sweet and Mel is an absolute burst of energy. Yay! Thank you both so much with trusting us and welcoming us to capture the memories of your day!

Calgary wedding photography

wedding photographer

April wedding
Calgary wedding photo

Calgary wedding photography


You’re so cute, Mel. Great fotos

These are so full of energy and laughter – it looks like they’re having so much fun! It’s really hard to pick a favourite here – I love all of the laughing pictures. But the one where they’re kissing and Mel’s hair is blowing in the wind looks like a shot from a movie! Amazing!