Here is some Kensington engagement photography, yo! David and Meghann are a super terrific quirky couple. They love art, music,and we are soooo happy they chose us to photograph their wedding.
After we met them I drove Nathan crazy checking our email on Valentines day, as we sat having dessert in Kensington. I was checking to see if they had booked us. Sitting there, I embarrassingly started to imagine photo-ideas for their future engagement session; which is kind of like planning your future together after a first date. Dangerous.
But it all worked out. And we ended up shooting in Kensington, where our ideas had started brewing all those months earlier. It’s also the neighbourhood location of their first date.
Kismet, ha ha!


We had a great time with you guys and thank you soooooooo much!

Meghann & David are getting married at the Post Hotel in September:)