Hey everyone! So I am just home from my 30th birthday party. I came back with a full tummy, a beautiful scarf and a new iPhone, woot woot! 30, Yikes! These past few years have been about really discovering life, love and art. Becoming a photographer (and finding Nathan) has given me so much peace in life … I can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store. I wrote a list in my 20’s of things to do before 30 and I did almost every single one (really by accident as I much later found the list scrawled on my notebook in a box). The only thing I didn’t do is write a book, I wish a blog counted. But I became an artist, started a business, grew my hair long, ate sushi, and fell in love, with being loved in return (thank you Nathan), Yay!

This great couple is our Aug.27th 2011 wedding. So far with all our requests, this is the most popular date of the year. Steph, booked via email, we never spoke, we just had a great email chemistry happening, ha ha. I love them. Rae has a face we call Rae face, his skeptical look, so funny. We are looking forward to spending the day, and seeing you guys celebrate love and your life together.

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These are so cool!! I love the one with the rainbow circle around the couple. There’s probably a fancy photographer word for that, right? Also, I can tell this girl is cool because of her awesome hat. The picture where the horizon is curving is fantastic!!