When Julia and Dave called, it was a dream come true, again. We have said it once, we have said it twice, and now for a third time… It’s going to be a Butterwick wedding, yay!!!!! The handsome Butterwick boys marry beautiful women, sweet, lovely, and fun to be around women. Overall we are really lucky! Julia and Dave are super sweet, and super funny. As a side note, they may be the best dancers I have ever met. I can not say this too many times… and I once had to ask if they rehearse before they hit the floor… they don’t. I wish a million times over I could look as good as these two dancing. Nathan and I, we look more like a couple of junior high kids shifting side to side.

We had a ton of fun, and hanging out getting to know them better was a wonderful treat!!!!! We can’t wait for next fall to see the clan again and capture Julia and Dave’s day!!!!!


shot number 4 is the one for me, the narrow depth of field really brings you into the picture…. 🙂

Great work.



Thanks James!