Heritage Park Historical Village, in Calgary, is a fun, charming and unique wedding venue. They have wedding venue spaces for every size of wedding you can imagine: a rustic barn, an intimate chapel, the traditional, yet contemporary, Gasoline Alley, and a garden ceremony at the Prince House.

With an amazing events team, great food, unique venues, and the entire park to explore for photography, this venue is one of our favourites.

The Prince House Garden Ceremony

Heritage Park Wedding Venues

Here are some of the wedding venue spaces that Heritage Park has to offer. The venues all have different capacities and you should check with the amazing events team to learn more about all of your options here.

It is very important to note that we are not covering every single venue space in Heritage Park, but we do have a link so you can see them all. Click here after you check out the post below.

The Prince House Outdoor Ceremony Space

First, is one of my favourite outdoor wedding venues in Calgary – the grounds of the Prince House. We have photographed weddings from June – September here, and it is beautiful all year. They can’t offer ceremonies until after the park closes, but this is perfect because the evening light is great for ceremonies and prevents your guests from being too hot in the noon day sun.

Outdoor Calgary wedding ceremony at Heritage Park's Prince House as photographed by christina (plus) nathan photography
A wide view of ceremony space at the Prince House

For recommendations, I suggest moving the signing table to the right instead of directly behind you during the ceremony. We also suggest that you have a photographer who is good at mixed lighting because often one person will be in shade and one will be in the sun. This isn’t a problem for very experienced photographers. (Cough, cough, hint, hint — like us.)

St. Martin’s ChurchMontifiorie Institute

St. Martin’s Church has a genuine pump organ, and an authentic potbellied stove. It is one of the many options for an intimate wedding at Heritage Park. Montifiorie Institute is a great choice for intimate Jewish Weddings.

St. Martin’s Church - Heritage Park

Famous 5 Centre of Canadian Women

A newer option for Heritage Park is the Famous 5 Centre of Canadian Women. They have space for an intimate outdoor ceremony, and beautiful indoor space for a smaller group.

Exterior photo of the Famous 5 Centre of Canadian Women

Interior photo of the Famous 5 Centre of Canadian Women

Gunn’s Dairy Barn

One of the most popular choices for a wedding at Heritage Park is Gunn’s Dairy Barn. This is a rustic barn with a space for dinner on the main floor and a dance floor above. This is a great venue for a buffet. It has the space for a fast moving double line, and the food is great (that goes for the whole park).
You can also spill onto the street with this venue, as tons of guests will head out on the gravel road in front of the barn.

Gunn’s Dairy Barn Dance Floor

Wainwright Hotel

I am sad to say this is one venue we have not photographed, but I always visit anytime I take a personal trip to Heritage Park with my lovely nieces. This venue is one of the locations for a larger sized wedding. I am pretty sure the the hotel also has great air conditioning – a bonus for summer weddings.

Gasoline Alley

Gasoline Alley is the most unexpected room in Heritage Park. It is also the most contemporary space. Your wedding is in the centre of a museum filled with vintage gasoline pumps and antique cars. It is also a venue that has great air conditioning, and a very unique feel. This is a dark venue, so it is important to hire photographers who can capture that feeling but also use creative lighting to capture great images for you.

Heritage Park Photography

Not all venues can have an entire section dedicated to photography, but it is important to point out that you wouldn’t even need to leave the park for your entire photo shoot. Unless of course you wanted to walk a block away and take some photos with the Glenmore Reservoir.

Heritage Park has everything you could ever want for photography. They have rustic, elegant, fun… you name it. From antique buildings, beautiful gardens, a ferris wheel,  a paddlewheel boat, the waters of the Glenmore Reservoir.

Photos right beside Heritage Park
Directly beside the Prince House
Photos on the Ferris Wheel

Check out the settlement area
Main Street

The School House
Order a drink in the Settlement area

We love Heritage Park Historical Village, and it is a recommended venue for the unique venue spaces, photography opportunities, and event team. The food and service is great and guests always seem to have a blast and love this venue.

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