When you see these photos you will ask yourself two questions: #1) Can Heritage Park weddings really be this much fun? The answer is, yes. #2) Did Clark and Kristen stop laughing and smiling for even a second? The answer is, no.

People and weddings don’t get better than this. Clark and Kristen will always bring a smile to my face; they are so genuine, with such beautiful connections to their family and friends. When we met them, and they left the meeting, I was watching the email like you would after a great first date. I just knew instantly that this would be the most incredibly fun and emotional wedding — it was that and more. It will forever be one of those weddings we hold close to our hearts, one of my favourites of all time.

Thank you both for having us, and for being yourselves every single second!!!!!

If you are friends of family of Clark and Kristen feel free to leave comments, and also we will be posting the link to a giant sample of the wedding photos and the cocktail hour portraits on our facebook page — here is our PAGE. Yay!