Here is a small collection of wedding photos taken at the Fairmont Palliser. A Fairmont Palliser wedding is the epitome of elegance and is arguably Calgary’s most well known venue. It is located in the heart of Downtown Calgary on 9th Avenue SW, beside Stephen Avenue.
The Palliser is an old and charming hotel with exceptional service and a seasoned wedding venue. The food here is always great (more food tips below). The service is also great, and the rooms are beautiful.
The venue is warm and old – like an old dude in a tuxedo smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey. Think fancy ladies in long structured silk dresses, I think you get the idea. They have a few rooms that they will tour you though if you visit the venue, the Alberta Ballroom, The Crystal Ballroom, and the smaller Marquis Room and The Oval Room.

Street view of the Palliser

Fairmont Palliser Wedding Ceremony

We have never photographed a ceremony in the Crystal Ballroom, but the Alberta Ballroom is lovely. It has the most amazing chandeliers and is such a beautiful space you won’t need to do much to decorate the room.
I think you are offered an option to have carpets or bare hardwood. We have only ever seen it as a ceremony with bare hardwood, but we have seen it as a reception set up with carpets and it is also nice.

Ceremony from the Alberta Room balcony
Ceremony photos Alberta Room
Great natural light

We just recently shot a wedding ceremony in the Marquis Room. It’s a red room attached the Alberta Room. It is often used to serve the buffet, or for the bar / cocktails. If you have a smaller ceremony it is a great room too. There is no natural light, and the pot lighting leads to a recommendation for a photographer who has mastered some flash lighting. We will post some photos soon.

Fairmont Palliser Wedding Receptions

You can rent the:

Turner Valley Room

160 guests

Alberta Ballroom
250 guests
Crystal Ballroom

400 guests

The Canadian Pacific Pavilion, is not currently available for weddings.

We love both rooms, but I am partial to the Alberta Ballroom, it is a little more intimate and I love the balcony, but really both rooms are beautiful. Here are some photos of the Alberta Ballroom and the Crystal Ballroom.

Alberta Room Reception
Reception in the Alberta Room without chair covers
Crystal Ballroom reception set up photos
Crystal Ballroom reception
Crystal Ballroom with head table against windows
Crystal Ballroom large head table
Palliser Crystal Ballroom Dance floor
Dance in Crystal Ballroom
Kingstable in Alberta Ballroom
Speeches in Alberta Ballroom

Fairmont Palliser Wedding Tips

We have a few tips for this classic venue, hopefully this helps you planning your Fairmont Palliser wedding.

  1. If the Turner Valley Room and the Alberta Ballroom are booked at the same time you will potentially hear some music from the other wedding if they are not similarly timed for speeches and dance. There is not really much you can do about this other than discuss with the planners and know that it comes with the territory of booking a hotel that can hold multiple weddings at a time.
  2. The Palliser whips up some tasty classic wedding food. It is typically good food. I have to say I prefer the buffet, only because it is the best buffet in town. The ravioli is to die for.
  3. The staircase needs to be booked for photo time, so that is something you will need to ask about if you book a wedding here.
  4. When having a wedding here you probably don’t need a wedding planner or day of coordinator. They have terrific event staff and they are more present and helpful than most venues.

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More Fairmont Palliser Photos

Fairmont Palliser Lobby Photos
Palliser Lobby creative shot
Fairmont Palliser Lobby Photos
Photo of couple in the lobby
Palliser photo outside the hotel
Photo outside the Palliser
Photo of bride and groom
Piano in the Crystal Ballroom
Staircase photo
Staircase needs to be booked for photos

Palliser fairmont carpet

Crystal Ballroom Photo
Photo in Crystal Ballroom

Hope this helps you while looking at The Fairmont Palliser for your Calgary Wedding!