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This here is Erin and Jonas. Lovebirds from out East. I think her sister saw us working at another wedding — and stupidly I forgot to ask which sister, and thank her at the wedding, so thank you sister! The day was cold. Very, very cold. But the wedding was beautiful!!! And with the Banff Springs, it is great to have an amazing venue to take wonder pictures in. Thank you both, thank you for the amazing meal to follow the wedding. We are blessed with the very best brides and grooms, honestly!!!!!! It was a small intimate wedding in a castle on a mountain… does it get better than this?

hello Erin, best eyes ever!

I love brides’ ‘getting on the dress face’, ha ha ha. Erin had half a dozen shots of getting her dress on — this is my fave:)

Sweetest MOB (and yes, I do have a license to use wedding contractions on whim… lol;)

This is my favorite image of the morning. The little girl in the corner of the frame (I’ll put a photo of her next) was awesome!!!! She said “ohhh, I love reflection shots”… seriously, a future photographer??? 🙂 So I gave her a few tips to get her started at the reception, ha ha

Andy from Alpine Limousine and Tours was the nicest guy!!! and he went out in the cold for champagne:) You will also see his thumbs up in three pictures, ha ha

Thank you both, we loved being part of your wedding!!!! And for everyone else, make Nathan do dishes, join our facebook group and like this post! Yay!