Catherine and Mike had one of the most incredible weddings I have ever been to. They had two tea ceremonies, followed by a reception at the Lougheed House, and a reception at the Regency Palace. This is not what made it so incredible. Chinese weddings are a bit chaotic — we love them because it is the greatest challenge for a photographer; you need no make art and capture the story without having almost any control of what is going on around you. There is to time to move people around, it is fast, and exciting!!! This is also not specifically what made it incredible; for me what stood out was the family and friends we met that day, and of course the bride and groom.

We don’t always get a lot of time to really talk to the family, and for this wedding we had aunts, uncles, brothers… Catherine’s mom and family kept us fed, and everyone was so kind. I am really thankful for that. Catherine and Mike are kind, strong, and calming. Even in the chaos you couldn’t really feel any stress — I still feel that calm when looking back at the photos.

Thank you guys!!!!

For those of you reading the blog and have not seen some of the traditions at a Chinese wedding, the groom and groomsmen must pass a series of tests created by the bridesmaids, this is so the groom is allowed access to his soon-to-be bride. Here they had to eat pop rocks with soda, and… wax their legs! I am happy to say, tests were passed with flying colours and a beautiful wedding followed. 😉

leg hair here, ha ha

Time for dress number two! Yay! Also five dresses is a dream come true!

We had some time to take a few portraits before the ceremony, yay!!!