Calgary Wedding Venues

Hi! Nathan and I have been Calgary Wedding Photographers for 10 years. We have photographed all kinds of Calgary Wedding Venues and we want to share some of the tips and unique venues we have discovered.

Calgary has come a long way, years ago we only had hotels and golf courses to choose from. Over the last decade so many great venues have started hosting wedding events. We now have some of the best venues in the country. From boutique hotels, like the Kensington Riverside Inn,  to Saskatoon Farms.


Newlyweds cut their cake at Calgary wedding Venue Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Starting your search for a Calgary wedding venue?

When you begin your venue search you will need to determine your style, budget and size of guest list. The guest list and size of your wedding is just as important to know, as your budget. In Calgary, anything over 150 guests can be a challenge.

You might be looking at:


Golf courses

Event spaces

City of Calgary venues



Community and cultural centres

Some venues such as hotels, golf courses, and restaurants will include your food and beverage. Other venues such as churches or community halls will not factor in food. Your venue, if it includes food and drink, will be your largest purchase. So It would be important to start with budget in mind.

For this sake of this post we can give you some averages. For 100 people you will likely spend:

Community Hall = $3000 – $4000
Hotel, Golf Course, Event space, restaurant, etc = $8000 at the lower end, and up to $14000

It is important to keep in mind that the community hall does not include decor, and so it might become expensive when you start factoring in what you need to spend to make it look nice.With a space such as a restaurant, you wont need to spend much, if any on decor, so this can be a great option. For more detailed information about wedding venue costs, check out these posts.

And if you are new here, take a peek at our wedding portfolio!