Jaime and Ian are overseas right now, and I am hoping they can see this post. We had so much fun photographing them, first in Banff when we did their engagement photos, and second at this beautiful November wedding. Ian and Jaime lived close together as children, but didn’t meet until later in life. They are a great match with Jamie being a sweet, easygoing and a laugh loving lady; and Ian being an easygoing, sentimental, hockey loving manly man. I say this mostly after Photoshopping a bad ass scar from a puck hitting his head before the wedding… now that’s hardcore. (I will include a couple pics with it in, just to show your kids one day, its all part of the story, ha ha.)

This was the very best kid wedding in a very long time… funny and goofball children filled every part of this wedding. It was a day filled with laughter, tears, beer, an amazing live band, a beautiful song sang by Jamie (after I heard her sing, I wanted to marry her too!!! Lucky Ian), and family. We loved this day, we love these people, and this is why we are obsessed with our job.

You guys rock, and seriously with the last picture on this blog post I will say it again, ha ha! Party on Jamie, Party on Ian… and we will see you after your travels!


Love the Pictures, What Church was this at?